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Track Staff on Site at Ravensdown


Ravensdown Site Work

In mid 2018, for the third year in a row Track Industries were called on to supply site staff and workshop support to Ravensdown Christchurch for their annual major maintenance shutdown. Four staff spent six weeks onsite and then a reduced number at the tail end of the shutdown. Major works undertaken during the shutdown included repairs to a pulveriser, supplying replacement granulation drum sections and repairing a sulphur melting coil, as well as general mechanical fitting scopes of work.

In addition to shut down support Track, in 2018 has also provided Ravensdown with engineering services for other projects such a gearbox refurbishment and the manufacture of new sulphur melting coils. Track has also provided on call break down support on a 24/7 basis.

“Track Industries have a wide skill set, which allows them to meet a lot of our maintenance requirements. From machining and fabrication of components for supply, to on-site repairs & maintenance, along with long term labour hire of a maintenance resource.”

Sam Lacey, Maintenance Manager, Ravensdown Christchurch



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